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Penis Extender Common Questions

Q: Do penis extenders really work?
A: Yes.

Q: How often do you use your penis extender?
A: I use it about once every other day on average. The more you do it, the better, but honestly sometimes I cannot get to it.

Q: Does girth get affected as well as length?
A: Yes, most users experience proportionate gains in girth.

Q: Will you post pictures of you using the extender? That would make me believe your results more.
A: Sorry, but that just isn't my thing. Plenty of results photos are available on sites such as I feel I provide more than enough information for anyone to believe that penis enlargement is possible, but if you can't believe me after all of the information I provide, I can't help you.

Q: Does age matter?
A: Age is not a factor. However, I would suggest being physically mature/developed.

Q: Why are extenders so expensive?
A: I think the real reason why penis extenders aren't cheap is due to fact that humans will always want to have something more, and companies know that males are willing to spend money on penis enlargement, just like women are willing to spend money on breast augmentation. With that said, if you were a crafty individual and wanted to make yourself a penis extender, I'm sure you could do it, but for most people it's easier to buy a quality product, and generally safer.

Q: Do you take penis enlargement pills?
A: Personally I do not. I have always heard the argument that pills help in the regeneration of cells, but I honestly don't know the truth to this. I have taken pills before, but I achieved my results mostly without them, so I really have no argument to using them or not. I do have an argument that it is very important that you use your extender, otherwise the cells will never divide and it will not matter if you take pills or not.

Q: Do you sell penis extenders?
A: No. For sellers I recommend, view my price comparisons page.

Q: How much does the device weigh?
A: If I had to guess, I would say it weighs less than half a pound (less than 226 grams). The weight is not a noticable factor.

Q: Can this device be worn under clothing?
A: I've worn the device under loose fit shorts and pants without a problem. However, if your pants are a tight fit, it might be noticable and a pain to move around with.

Q: Do you think it's worth the money?
A: Every penny. I cannot put a price on the confidence I've gained from having a larger penis. I do understand that the price does seem steep for a device that you've never tried. However, money-back guarantees are in place to help doubters, allowing them to try it out. If you are wanting a larger penis, give it a shot! Do make sure you choose a company that has a money-back guarantee though, and make sure you are ready to invest many hours into this. You are NOT going to see results after using it for a few hours. It takes a lot of patience, but if you're willing to put forth the effort, penis enlargement is real.

Q: Why not buy a cheaper penis extender/stretcher?
A: I have received several e-mails from people saying that it curved their dick to the left or right because it didn't stretch the penis evenly. If you want a dick that curves to the left or right, go ahead and purchase a cheap extender. The extenders with two equal length bars work the best. Also, there are some devices out there that use a noose that is way too narrow. For me, I'll stick to quality extenders.

Q: Which device do you like the most
A: Please check out my prices page, as it has that information.

Q: What age group is interested in penis extenders the most?
A: Based off of my Youtube insight data, 45-55 years old seems to be the most popular, with 35-45 slightly behind. Don't worry, I can't see anymore data than that. :)

Q: Do you recommend anything for an increased sex drive?
A: Yes, Sinrex!

If you have any questions, please send them to me!