Penis extenders I recommend (Compare Extenders):
#1. X4 Labs Extender (May coupon code - EXTRA5 - 5%-off on top of current 75%-off offer)

My Penis Enlargement Goal

With my starting out length of six inches, I want to reach a goal of eight inches. It doesn't matter how long it takes me - I just think that's a great length, and from what I've read from other people that use extenders, it should be attainable. Also, since I've had good results so far, it definitely seems within my reach!

My Progress:

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Site Goal

Along with my goal to attain a longer penis, I also want my website to be the best damn resource out there for people looking to enlarge their penis. My site is real, I am real, and penis enlargement is real. If my site is lacking in any category, please contact me! Please note that the site was started in June of 2005, so I'm still working hard on it almost every day, adding new content. I plan on adding user manuals, clearer pictures, and other items soon.