Penis extenders I recommend (Compare Extenders):
#1. X4 Labs Extender (May coupon code - EXTRA5 - 5%-off on top of current 75%-off offer)

Information about Penis Extenders

Penis Extender History

The first modern penis extender was created by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana in 1994. Many modifications have been made to the current devices to make them more comfortable and more user-friendly. They are also commonly referred to as penis stretchers.

Increased Length and Girth

Penis stretchers lengthen the penis, as well as add girth, since cell division is occuring.

No Side-Effects

Penis extenders do not introduce anything into your system that might create a side-effect or alergic reaction, which can occur when you use penis enlargement pills (although I've never heard of anything too extreme, as most ingredients are herbal). However, it has been said many times by people on forums that I read that the pills help with your gains, as they provide "nutrients" to help in the enlargement process, so your mileage may vary.

Recommended Usage

It is recommended by many to use the device for at least 5 hours a day. However, every hour counts, so if you just have a little bit of time one day, wear it!

Permanent Results

The results from penis stretchers are permanent since cell division can never retract.

Different Penis Extenders?

So, you've seen the Jes Extender and Andro Extender, and other names such as the Vimax Extender, Pro Extender, and so on. All of these extender products are basically from two extenders, the "Jes Extender" and the "Andro-Penis" extender. Both products are very similar. Now, there are companies that will buy either the Jes Extender or Andro-Penis device and market it under their own name, like the ProExtender, Vimax Extender, etc.. Whenever you buy a product from one of these companies, you're getting one or the other (Jes Extender or Andro-Penis). Both are constructed very well - a lot better than the cheaper devices out there on the market like the "PenisMaster" or "Max-X-Tender".

The problem with all of these resellers is it makes it confusing for people that are trying to purchase the best product. I would like to recommend you purchase the Andro-Penis device over the Jes Extender for I have heard from people that the spring in the Jes Extender sometimes does not work properly. I especially recommend the SizeGenetics package as it uses the Andro-Penis device and comes with pills. Here's an image of an Andro-Penis Extender (left) and Jes Extender (right):

Daily Usage

Penis stretchers can be concealed under clothes quite easily, letting you use it while at work, out with your friends, etc.. They are made to move into different positions, allowing you to point it down when you're wearing it while fully clothed, or straight out when you're alone and perhaps without clothing on.